Enrich pathogen DNA from whole blood and increase sensitivity

Sensitive identification of pathogens from human whole blood requires the enrichment of pathogen DNA and the removal of human DNA (from blood cells). With that the conditions for follow-up PCR improve significantly. Furthermore the "background data" (= human DNA) for NGS based pathogen analysis is reduced. 


GINA Pathogen Enrichment kits handle up to 0.5 mL of sample (whole blood) and use standard laboratory equipment as a centrifuge and a heating block. The kits can be combined with different commercial DNA purification kits (manual or automated kits).


Together with Cube Dx’ Pathogen Identification hybcells, life-threatening infections like sepsis can be determined after 3 hours – from whole blood samples.


  • High yield, up to 98% of microbial DNA
  • Non selective (gram+, gram-, fungi)
  • Reduction of human DNA by 10 to 20x
  • Homogenizing tissue samples

GINA 500 (+ DNA purification)

Enrichment of bacterial and fungal DNA

50 reactions for up to 500 µL whole blood, etc.