Process highly concentrated samples (blood cultures ...) without DNA extraction

LINA modulation buffers shortens time of pathogen identification significantly as no DNA extraction process is necessary. The PCR mix is directly fed with the mixture of modulation buffer and sample. The whole process of the pathogen identification (PCR + hybcell) is the same and pathogens and resistence genes are presented in the report.


LINA modulation buffer is used for samples with a relatively high concentration of pathogens, for example positive blood cultures, BAL, urine or swabs.


Together with Cube Dx’ Pathogen Identification hybcells, pathogens and resistence genes can be tested with minimal hands on and in less than 2 hours from samples like positive blood cultures. 

  • No DNA extraction process necessary
  • Simple transfer
  • Identification in less than 2 hours


Modulation buffer to use samples directly for PCR

25 reactions for 2 µL (positive) blood culture