World Sepsis Day (13/9/2018) - Cube Dx contributes to the next generation of sepsis diagnostics

The 13th of September marks World Sepsis Day. World Sepsis Day should help to raise awareness of the most deadliest infectious disease of our times. 

The progression of sepsis - or blood poisoning - is very quick. A person's condition can become life threatening in just a few hours. The incidence of sepsis is on the rise and is driven by an aging population, advances in medicine and the antibiotic crisis.

Clinicians still struggle with diagnosing sepsis early. Only an early diagnosis allows for early targeted treatment and hence reducing high mortality, a number of complications and significant costs. Today, blood culture is the method used to diagnose the causative pathogen, and it normally takes around 48 hours to get the results. To overcome this limitation, Cube Dx is part of the SMARTDIAGNOS ( project. Aim of the project is to develop a new system to diagnose a wide range of pathogens (bacteria and fungi) in whole blood in just 4 hours. The project ends in 2020 with first clinical validations of the developed prototypes.

Researchers and collaborators of the EUH2020-project SMARTDIAGNOS, participating the 6th partner meeting at the University of Skövde (Sweden). 

End of August all project partners met for the 6th project meeting in Skövde / Sweden. Beside project updates and discussions on further proceedings, the participants could visit Skövde University and the local branch of Unilabs AB at the Skaraborg Hospital. On that occassion, Dr. Lars Ljungström from the Department of Infectious Disease gave his views on sepsis and an insight to his research on the topic.


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